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The Planisher - Ben's Metalshaping Tools Signature Series


New in the range of Ben's Metalshaping Tools Signature series. This versatile and easy to use pneumatic planishing hammer wil save time and will increase your production. 

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€ 2.418,79 incl. btw

€ 1.999,00 excl. btw

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Ideal for working on cars, motorcycles and all other items which have sheetmetal.

The tooling is interchangeable without difficulty or effort. The lower dies of the Mechammer MK2 will also fit The Planisher. NO tools are required to exchange any dies!

The upper dies are able to swivel so The Planisher is also a forgiving machine.

The Planisher is driven by a industrial Pneumatic motor, which is built to last a lifetime.

The Planisher is suppled with two upper dies and 3 lower dies. 

Two different frames are included, one with a troath depth of 440mm (17") deep and a second frame with a troath depth of 690 mm (27") deep.


Max RPM 4.000

Air pressure approx. 6 bar (90 psi)

Throath depth frame 1: 44 cm (17")

Throath depth frame 2: 69 cm (27")

Throath height frame 1: 40 cm (16")

Throath height frame 2: 49 cm (19")

Weight when using frame 1: 6.1 kg.

Weight when using frame 2: 7.4 kg.


Scope of delivery:

1 Heavy duty storage box

1 Frame 440mm (17") deep

1 Frame 690 mm (27") deep

1 Hammer head (CP)

1 pc 90 degree hose pillar for the air connection

2 swivelling upper dies

3 lower dies 3", 12" and 36"

2 spring loaded cotter pins

2 brackets to install the storage box to a wall.

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